Silver's Epic Delivery 6

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Color again!

I'm planning on doing a new banner for the next chapter, but don't have anything in mind. Suggest any characters you'd like to see and I might consider them!


Paracelsus (Guest):
I only just now realised that fox has no back legs. It's a budget fox! (you know, didn't have enough money for a full fox, so... yeah nevermind)
Drunken pool party whoo!

Mike (Guest):

Oh god I want that fox.

Kael (Guest):
Are there maidens for everything? Like, I 'unno. . . Fire/Earth/Air Maidens? Heart Maidens? Captain Planet Maidens? Beer Maidens? Wheat/Harvest Maidens? [insert here] Maidens? Musical Maidens?

Kael (Guest):
Bok Bok Bok Bok Maidens?

Mike (Guest):
@Kael[insert here] Maidens, eh? I see what you did there. :P

Sir_Kay (Guest):
They got drunk... like, conventionally? Or, by osmosis or some'at?

This is important.

Broseph (Guest):
I think I just fell in love with that Water Maiden.
On a less creepy note, how about that siren and her egg Salami appearing in the new banner? Oh, and Bird-Ball too.

saturn671 (Guest):
Ha ha ha I would love to see the maidens have a spot on the banner! Especially the mail maiden! Also on a different note are all the jobs maidens do only for women for some reason, or are they only for women with special abilities? Are they trained???

Solar (Guest):
Mail maiden can deflect water too! wow!

New banner.. "Die icicle!" comes to mind. Let's see some magical failure!

... but I think the siren really needs to be there 'cause she's awesome.

Kitsune/Spirit Fox?

Khend (Guest):
I agree with an earlier statement made... you could do an entire series on the varius maidens. And probably be even more entertaining than the main story. ^^;

Edit: Also, the colors are very nicely done.

thumbtack (Guest):
@Solar: Die icicle! would be an awesome banner, it would make me click on it anyway

Airodin (Guest):
Is that a bird ball i see in the background on the last panel?!
It's a national sport!

Miera Sheighani (Guest):
I vote for DIE ICICLE! as a banner! XD or some of the maidens, particularly Silver and/or some sirens....maybe do an example of maidens seen so far with a backdrop? Like Silver with a letter ringed with a halo, the map maiden (forgetting names! DX) with a partially drawn map and a pencil drawing lines with wings, water one dancing with water following her general motions as she twirls....

stuff like that, the wings and halo only meant to emphasize divinity ^^; and obviously up to you XD still loving it!

1. that delivery maiden is actually pretty kick ass.
2. TT ^ TT where was i when this party happened XD