Silver's Epic Delivery 5

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Miera Sheighani (Guest):
woooooooooow, first to comment 0_0

anyhooooooooo~ so, I take it Maidens tend to be stronger than normal humans, on top of not necessarily needing food? XD and I am wondering WHEN did the map maiden do the mapping?? 0_o lol

I have a bad habit, maybe you can suggest a cure? it involves me making new characters to put in other peoples' stories, or currently existing OC's that may or may not be considered Mary Sues, though they would be toned down as they travel.... @_@ HEEEEEEEEELP! s:

for a while i thought that that was a naked nymph (without being pervy -_- oish) and then finally realized it was a swimsuit... ^^; *facepalms* nvm, water maiden...oivai, im tired >.<

imachrismoose (Guest):
I don't quite get what that "water maiden" is doing. Is she pulling a prank?

Also, I'm second!

Solar (Guest):

Kay-nyan (Guest):
HOLD THE PHONE! How does Map Maiden know where Silver is? Maidens are suddenly psychic, too? They just keep getting more awesome.



At first I thought the fox was a shape shifting kitsune or something o A o
But then, I saw it hitting Silver in the face XD

Either way, I noticed it has no hind legs, which is cute, and I'm wondering what this water maiden girl is. :3

Guest (Guest):
I thought the reflection meant the lake was haunted or something. I mean, am I the only one who found the swimsuit girl's smile scary?

hairybear (Guest):
water maidens are not so nice.

random swimmer? mermaid? undine? we'll find out next!

Kael (Guest):
Where are ya'll gettin' that that's a water maiden?

hairybear (Guest):
Water maidens knocked out a bridge was what the postmaiden said in an earlier page. If they do things like that, they'd probably randomly splash people, too.

Paracelsus (Guest):
But why are the cute foxes and bunnies and duckies and rabid bears and water maidens attacking the Poor Post Maiden? Also, many commenters take things like punching out a bear far too seriously. Rule of funny people!

Wolf (Guest):
Hooray!! It's Ava....

Paul (Guest):
Water maidens are total pranksters - always knockin' down bridges and stuff.