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The first idea we had fell apart, which delayed things. As it is, I'd rather just wait till Wednesday and not have to rush to finish it. Therefore, you get a random delay picture!


Yay random pic

Whip the Rabbit:
No fair hiring the Siren as a Goalie. She's gotten so much practice catching that egg.

Mike (Guest):
You know, looking back, you guys probably could have stopped the last update at the VICTORY panel and just continued the rest of it today. Thus, no need for delay pic....even though it is nice :)

Isaac (Guest):
THAT POOR BIRD BALL! lol looks good

I'm holding up the ! in the "COO!" signs, I am totally holding up the !.

Guest (Guest):
Team Melody: So you've got a siren, well we have a duck!
Team Pirate: I'm pretty sure our siren's more use-
Tema Melody: WE. HAVE. A. DUCK!

SilverLion (Guest):
Awesome! Poor Birdball. Hope your muse gets you back on track, if not, fire it.

hey, hey, there's someone dead XD

Fazzey (Guest):
....They killed Moth...Or the pirates ran over him with their cleats.

pancakes (Guest):
Got them all except for the one back by the siren. Anyone in particular or just a random pirate?
Hope Moth recovers!

Jo (Guest):
You see the fans in the back hold ing the signs?