Hazards of the Southern Coast 27

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And that's the chapter.
No update this Wednesday since today's a double.

Come back next Sunday to see the further progress of Silver's epic delivery!


I looked in my faves (the sidebar on my profile said that it hadnt't updated) and saw this was updated. HOLY CRA-

Luciola (Guest):
Pineapple love :D


Mike (Guest):
The siren is right to feel that way about pineapples :)

Solar (Guest):
Win all around.
Just keep her fed and carry plenty of pineapples and she'll be a happy to be useful!
... she'll probably want her egg first, though.

Kuraimizu (Guest):
oh noes Salami is Going to Die.
Poor Salami, she'll never see the sun.

Every time I see that victory panel it makes me think of the victory chime from the Final Fantasy games haha.

... ... ... >.< must be one of the most embarassing OKs i've ever seen... what a blunder... what an utter blunder...
XD dingdingding! we have a winner!!!

That's the exact same way I react when I taste pinepple. It's just that good! Haha, this chapter, I'm telling you! Too amazing~! Exciting, hilarious, and awesome all at the same time! And the art is gorgeous as always.

ChristmasMaiden (Guest):
I also wonder about poor little Salami and I want some fishing bobbers carved like the dazed crew.
Now we've got bridge-destroying water maidens and Silver to think about!

M-S-S (Guest):
Some training? Is it just me, or are there other people who assume this training will involve some NSFW activities? >.> And, er, is there, I mean, well, other people who might, sort'f... like to see that?

We here at Winter Melody would like to assure all parents that Winter Melody is a very safe for work webcomic. Even if we have dirty dirty gutter minded commenters :P

aqua (Guest):
THE EGG! betrayed by your own tastebuds

Parry (Guest):
So THATS what the pinnapple was for!