Hazards of the Southern Coast 26

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Medri (Guest):
Cute panel this one is. Keep up the good work!

...best weapon ever.

tongue slapping good fun!

AxeConform (Guest):
"Take the, sexy chicken." Best line... Ever!

Hoof (Guest):
That's quite the tongue on the sexy chicken. Maybe she uses that to get dressed?

Whip the Rabbit:
I saw her grab the sexy chicken's shirt and got excited. I was only slightly disappointed with the outcome.

...So close. T_T

I just noticed that there's still a piece of pineapple on her forehead.

Kay-nyan (Guest):
looks like someone in this strip knows how to use rope correctly.

wonderbread (Guest):
I love the captain, but I feel so sorry for the harpy! She was so happy with her vision of sitting at the fire with her egg, Melody turning the spit. <sigh>
I do have to wonder where that tongue is stored when not in use.

^I'll take a wild guess and say, in her mouth.

wonderbread (Guest):
Maybe if her tongue is like one of those old blow-out noisemaker things that inflate, then roll back up deflated...

um... well.... um... she has potential... i'm just leaving it at that XD

Parry (Guest):

isaac (Guest):
....is she a yoshi?!

Jorock (Guest):
Wow! That siren is resourceful!

By the way, love this comic! Thanks for writing and keep up the good work!

SilverLion (Guest):
Wow. Gene Simmons has nothing on Harpy Girl.