Hazards of the Southern Coast 25

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Apparently I enjoy drawing the siren being physically abused. I blame all the times I've been woken up by annoying birds in the spring.


Greycat (Guest):
Pirate vs Siren. Fight of the century!
Now, if only we had some ninja...

Sir_Kay (Guest):
did you intend for the siren to no-sell that punch in panel 3? 'cuz that's what it looks like. (and even then, having the shoulders completely square is hella awkward.)

Also, panel 4 is awesome.

Who knew you could have a slap fight with a Siren?

No, just a weird flaw.

Solar (Guest):
I really don't know which side to cheer for here. o.o; Siren is awesome, but so are pirates.

Plus they're all "bad guys" anyway.

mynamewasstolen (Guest):
I'm cheering for them to kill each other and the gang to steal the map maiden. They're sort of sailors, pursuing a cold trail through unkown territories, so she should like them, right?

Yvonne (Guest):
Does anyone else find it humorous that the pirate captain has an accidental pineapple chunk 'helmet' on?

Paracelsus (Guest):
@Yvonne: Yes. Yes we do. Also hilarious is the random crewmember going "lalala!" as hard as they can.

Solax (Guest):
This'll be interesting dialog...


mister meister (Guest):
That last panel is just classic - such an intense, funny fight!