Hazards of the Southern Coast 24

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Greycat (Guest):
Pirate uses counter!
Siren uses Close Combat! Super effective!
Siren rocks!

Emily and the Oracle:
The post above me.

Reasons why Smackjeeves needs a like button.

Whip the Rabbit:
Are those Pinapples?
Wha-What? When did, why were pirates holding....
You know what? Forget it. That was a sweet wing attack. I'm ignoring the fruit.

^Have you NEVER heard about scurvy?

i just like how the maiden is just chilling there

Bookworm (Guest):
Replacing cargo: $40
Ship repairs: $500
The look on the siren's face when she got kicked in the gut: priceless

Guest (Guest):
Wax in the ears, clever. But how is she going to get it out without using something painful?

Parry (Guest):
Pirate Leader uses Cross Counter
Siren uses Close Combat
Pirate Leader uses Wax Plugs
Pirate Leader's Sp. Defense rose!

Does winter melody have a facebook page? If so I am so stalking it >:3
WM FTW!!! X3

Just made one, though rather bare bones now :p

Hoppy the Toad (Guest):
That's such a crazed look the captain has; I think the harpy is doomed.
Suggest you don't waste time with facebook. Just draw more and more comics!

ProjectTyrasa (Guest):