Hazards of the Southern Coast 22

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Going 4koma for a while.

In other news, I finally uploaded alycarter's melody creeper texture pack.


I think the siren picked the wrong boat to mess with...


And yay, Melody Creeper! Lol

T-rev (Guest):
Why did melody steal her egg! She can't be that stupid! Or is she still affected a little be the egg spell? They were weak lazy eggs, so, maybe? Eh, I don't know.

Ma Kettle (Guest):
Melody didn't steal the egg. Harpy-girl is trying to rescue Melody from the pirates so Melody can continue her egg-sitting duties (and spit-turning!).
I like 4koma style!

John Doe (Guest):
Honestly, I would prefer if the art style changed back to the original hand-drawn art style where Tea and Melody were still at the Tea Shop...