Hazards of the Southern Coast 21

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This is her RAGE FACE.

Aw, it seems as though she cares about what happens to her slave XD

I wonder how often she gets visitors.

Angel (Guest):
Looks like the siren wants melody back very badly lol.

isaac (Guest):
She's cute when she's angry

Mike (Guest):

Shes a creeper... RUN!

Senji Q:
That might be what happened...

Now you guys are going to see what ELSE she can DROP and use to sink ships with MEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHHEHEHE

Freyas Treasure:
She's really quite cute.
Why do I see her becoming a companion in the near future?

Why do I feel the siren became unnecessarily important, not to say that she isnt awsome, or could be important to the plot, but that kind of character usualy vanishes pretty quickly, that either entitles that your having fun with her, or she is important.... One long sentence later.... Love the art thanks!

I think that this chapter is about Melody and how she's got to be more careful

That tongue, it's just plain wrong... and I've got such terrible, terrible things running through my mind wondering what else she can do with it.

Also, with how long that thing is, I think we can put to rest how she puts her clothes on.

Striffen Cloud:
Oh hey, I just realized something silly. A siren often uses a melody to trick sailors, and this siren WANTS melody because she's already tricked her!
Bluh. I think too much when I forgo sleep.

Cronus (Guest):
good job at making the wings larg enuph for her to fly.

Poor flat pig

Also, I think it's either she genuinely likes Melody, or she thinks they stole her egg

Kael (Guest):
I think I know how she gets dressed now. . .

O.o holy crap long tongue!!! this chick has got potential!!!
And i take it she's not a bad person anymore ^^. my fav character

Yarr, pirates...

And look, a conveniently available pirate ship upon which to drop rocks!

Wait...did she put the egg in her bag? is that why the Harpy is all angry?!

Kay-nyan (Guest):
Am I the only one geeking out about the TOTALLY AWESOME pirate Moth and Tea we just got? fr srs, you guys deserve like a medal or something for that panel.

And no, nobody stole Siren's egg; Melody put it back in the nest back on HotSC18.

Jazeki (Guest):
I'm sorta creeped out by her tongue.

Paracelsus (Guest):
@Kyan-nyan: Actually, it is never shown that she puts it back in the nest. It just shows her putting it somewhere OFFPANEL and saying "Right where you belong". She then walks out of the hut...
*dramatic pause*
With her bag.

Also, angry Siren is awesome.

Vanilla Beans (Guest):
The way she imagines Melody's kidnappers is so great. Epic Pirates! I especially like the art on the panel where she flew up to get a better view. Maybe the harpy can get one of the real pirates to egg sit for her. They didn't seem very smart.

Solar (Guest):
This page is awesome for many reasons.

Elmithian (Guest):
The flat pig...errr... pigthingie proves that the author reads our suggestions. I love the siren angry face by the way ^^

Kabanzai (Guest):
I'd help her make another egg, with a tongue like that XD

We are getting some...interesting comics on this one

BluSlvrWolf (Guest):
...Never trust information from grass...

Thorn (Guest):
After seeing the siren in that outfit I started wearing my clothes like that.

Parry (Guest):
Close, but not quite.

Paul (Guest):
Aww, I'd take a pair of earplugs and look after the egg anyway. :-)

...And now I know how she puts on those clothes without and hands.