Hazards of the Southern Coast 20

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Sorry about no update last wednesday.

This page has been through all kinds of versions. Draft on the computer as usual, but then I felt like doing pencil. That lasted about half a page, then I started inking the computer version instead, and for some reason decided to color it. Got about 75% done like that then started to dislike how it was turning out, so it ended up the usual grey after all.

A new critter! Given Melody's food preferences, I realized we'd need an easily expendable animal that's easy to dislike. I have no love for deer, so I took that and mixed in some pig for sausageability.

In-transit scenes are kind of easy... if you're lazy. I had a plan of the beach and the siren's area, but the area in between is just vaguely "woods". Last page I tried to keep the close trees the same from panel to panel, but this time I was kind of worn out from those different versions, so the backgrounds are all crazy.

....And this is probably more words than all my comments so far combined.


The next page is about 1.5 times the normal size so it's taking longer to make. Thus it will be delayed till Sunday.

That poor bird-ball! XD

That siren's gonna be piiised.

Jacob Rain (Guest):
now *THAT* is how you hunt

Joey (Guest):
looks like Melody wasn't too far off after all... XD

Dear god that is such a cute harpy, and such a cute egg too... I feel bad for them.

Whip the Rabbit:
That bird-chick seems to have grown fond of Melody.

F Scheltens (Guest):
It occurs to me to wonder: How does that harpy put on a bra with no hands?

Jo (Guest):
Obviously, she didn't put it on. Some other poor person got lured in by her song. And she made them dress her.

xD wow, that came off waaay less friendly than I thought it would.

Angel (Guest):
Well that explains what the rock was for. Killing and tenderizing at the same time^_^

Jacob Rain (Guest):
this comic has the friendliest readers :)

Guest (Guest):
@Jacob Rain: or this comic makes people friendly. Afterall, isn't it easier to be friendly when your happy, and how can this comic not bring a smile to your face.

Solax (Guest):
Peer! Or is it Dig? Pigeer? Deerig?

Regardless, the meat must taste wonderful...*drool*

Solar (Guest):
That over-wrapped bird looks so much like a ball of yarn!
Making me think Melody is part cat!

And there I was thinking that the siren was going to trap one crew by dropping that rock through a ship...

Entertaining hunting technique - very fitting (as a previous poster says this comic is great for putting a smile on my face :) ). I guess the rock is still in its harness so can be dropped again.

TT ^ TT so the siren wasn't thikning anything evil! i wanna see this BBQ happen!

KenderBryant (Guest):
@Angel I WAS THINKING THE SAME THING! Though it would leave the meat rather flat...but that would make it easier to stuff and roll up, after cutting it into strips. I suggest something like rice, onions, bell peppers and mushrooms for the filling, maybe a little cheese.

cranberry (Guest):
BWEEE! I want to see if the tails are normally down when they're calm. Panic makes them pop up and corkscrew? BWEEE!!

Parry (Guest):
@Solar: Maybe... or just part CREEPER!

aqua (Guest):
her feet seem to work as hands quite well, and as we have seen that her legs are flexible enough to pat someones head she can probably use her feet to put on her shirt.

Angel (Guest):
Thinking of the sirens shirt it looks mainly like a sash she twisted once then slipped her body and head through each of the loops.



Herbal Tea (Guest):
Veniswine, I think? I am so grateful that this comic strip exists.

@Aqua: Petting someone head with your foot isn't difficult, I could do it.
Putting on a shirt with it is impossible.

...And now we know what she was doing with the rock.