Hazards of the Southern Coast 19

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Isaac (Guest):
that poor bird...bird ball!!!

Now I'm picturing Melody bowling with that.

Mike (Guest):
Hmmmm.....I wonder what lazy eggs taste like scrambled or hard-boiled.....

Fang Shinobi:
I agree, poor bird.

JoJo (Guest):

Kinsume (Guest):
I agree, lets find out what the lazy egg tastes like *crack one open* ... eh f*** it, too lazy *wanders off*

SciGuy (Guest):
Bird ball... Hmmm... Anyone up for angry birds?

Mujaki (Guest):
Lazy eggs taste like ennui.

Lol, Melody and her wrapping skills! XD

Parry (Guest):
@SciGuy: lol Angry Birds

Angel (Guest):
Maybe those lazy eggs didn't work after all the bird ball looks like an egg.

Miera Sheighani (Guest):
YAAAAAAAAAAY angry birds XD some family came over one time and seemed amazed our part had no idea wth it was....then they laughed at us taking turns trying to kell dem freaki-....try to beat the levels

i know someone who had it on an ipad thing, and had been trying to solve one level for like twenty minutes...i came in, tried it, and got AAAAAAALL the pigs (and all the stars~!) on my first shot...i didn't even examine the level! XD my most epic angry birds moment ever *couldn't do it again* XD

@JoJo from last page:

i know...i keep laughing at my own stuff, and then realize I probably sound really stupid ^^; oh well, just what happens I guess....I mean, you're probably not even gona see this, these were put up so long ago..... -_-;;;

*Awww,* it's so heart-warming to see melody taking care of the birdy!
...And now it's a volleyball. I love this comic.