Hazards of the Southern Coast 18

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Mike (Guest):
How to kill yourself without it being considered suicide:
1) Befriend Tea
2) Say 'Coo!' when she least expects it
4) Profit....er.....death

It is a bit situation relevant at the moment

Parry (Guest):
Dem berdz!

Shame! The poor bird!

Whip the Rabbit:
Jeez Tea, Take a chill pill.
I think she should try drinking some,
Relaxation tea
That was a bit long-winded...

i just noticed... when the siren goes "coo," then maybe something happens, like how melody was hypnotized by the egg.

Elmithian (Guest):
One thing that I am still wondering very much about. How does she put on her clothes? and her bra for that matter?

I ain't thinking any perverted thoughts (well now I started to think them), I am simply wondering how she does it... It must be a lot of work to do that every morning when you don't have arms.

Getting into clothes is one thing, it is altogether another to put on a bra (albeit this type might be easier to put on)

stinky feet (Guest):
Take a good look at the siren - I don't think any bras are involved! Anyway, if you accept the existence of sirens and other odd critters, you might as well go ahead and accept clothes and ponytails. Then again, maybe she's got someone under her spell to help with dressing and grooming...and other things.

Solar (Guest):
So.. she was simply hypnotized into being an egg-sitter... which given her nature probably worked extra well. Interesting.

Oolong (Guest):
Research will reveal it's a Magic Bubble Pipe. I love those things!

JoJo (Guest):
Does anyone else get writers block when you try to put up a comment?! I keep thinking "I'll make a great comment today!" then the little box opens up and I'm like "AHH! What do I put!?"

Oh I'm just weird I guess. Anyways...I really hope that Siern wasn't carrying that big rock off to drop on our adventurer's Boat...

Elmithian (Guest):
JoJo... you are a genius! I was wondering what the heck the siren was going to use that rock for... but now it makes sense that she flew away with it... it also prevents Melody from escaping as easily.