Hazards of the Southern Coast 17

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We were invited to join Scribol, a traffic sharing system that is the source of the boxes below comments.

We figured we'd try it out for a bit and see how it goes over. We'll have lil squares on other people's sites.

Let us know what you think and recommend any of your favorite pages that could be used for our ad squares to bring in more traffic.


Mike (Guest):
Well, that didn't last long :/

You guys should put the leaderboard PW ad at the bottom of the site too.....Below the comments but above the Comic Rank and WebcomicList buttons.....Also, It should appear at the bottom wherever people go on the site. Just a suggestion. :)

But... MELODY! How?! ..How can you forget the awesomeness of that egg?!

you know... melody must have some really secret genetic thing... cause everything that anyone tries to do to her... it just doesn't work the way they thought it would, whether it be the tranquilizer or the water dagger thing, or even the cork and the bottle

Sleeper egg fail.

koren (Guest):
for a moment i thought Moth was snapping Melody's neck on panel 3

Yeah it is definatly an imunity to magic I'm just confused about how the egg charm worked on her

paracelsus (Guest):
@grimmasthereaper: Hypnosis is different to magic. Probably. Or Melody is just susceptable to magic that makes her think eggs are AWESOME.

stinky feet (Guest):
I want to see the lazy bird that lays the lazy eggs. Did Tea buy the lazy eggs back at that AWESOME egg shop in the city?

Tempo (Guest):
So she was actually hypnotized and not just being... herself. It was honestly really hard to tell.

I think hypnosis just redirected her focus. Enough was the same to make her unaware that she was being fooled.