A Blocky Distraction

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A few days ago I woke up having somehow twisted my leg in my sleep. It was hard to focus on drawing, so to distract myself from the pain till it got better, I bought minecraft.

Needless to say, I got cubes in my brain and didn't get the page done in time. Enjoy creeper Melody for now, and we'll be back sunday, hopefully!


Minecraft can be used for good or for evil...

Here's alycarter's melody creeper texture pack!

Alex (Guest):
And instead of exploding, she yells "BANG!" and throws confetti everywhere.

Ya, that one is funny, just too funny!

Great use of time though, minecraft!

That'ssss a very nice fort-in-progress you've got there. It'd be a sssshame if ssssomething happened to it... >:)

beToiba (Guest):
Me wants a Melody Creeper skin for dem Creepers. xD
That would be so awesome.

never played minecraft before... cubes... O.O

Some Guy (Guest):
Minecraft is addicting... I played over 50 hours of it in the first week I bought it and the number hasn't gone down too much every week since. As for surviving a creeper attack, or in this case Melody, lots of fire and/or creating a giant tower straight up with whatever blocks you have to avoid them seems to work the best.

Quick! Set the difficulty to peaceful

HAHA I have a better castle than you with cyan, purple, white, and black wool floors! And I have loadsa ironblockandgoldblocksandlapislaziliblocks!
Also, once I tried drawing a picture of a spider and it looked like a block of chocolate :(
Then my friends got really hungry.

Whip the Rabbit:
Cutest Creeper Ever! X3

Parry (Guest):
I took 1 look at this and all I could do was: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

Solar (Guest):
Ooh.. a Melody Creeper skin... that'd be awesome!! *ponders how to go about making one*

Bottles (Guest):
...and now let's get on with the LAZY EGG!

well i made a melody creeper and as Alex suggested i made the explosion confetti. now ever time i see a creeper instead of running away in terror i just stand there and laugh :D

Awesome :) Can you post that anywhere? Or you could send it to us via email and we could put it on the site ^^

okay will do i just have to put it in texture pack form


You dont have to put it in a texture pack form, you could just post the image, from there people can just go in and change the creeper's skin to that image.

But when you get done, im downloading it!

Alycarter finished it, we are just lazy and haven't hosted it on the site yet ^^


THEN ITS YOU!!! (lol)

Just try to upload it when you get time then. Just dont put it off too long, I want a Melody Creeper!

once I tried to build a house out of a mountain, there was a trench that I made getting resources to build, and I was gonna make it a moat BU-UT the game crashed...hours of game play...lost...