Hazards of the Southern Coast 16

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Jazeki (Guest):
I don't think she was supposed to take the egg.

She doesn't sound too evil. She seems pretty nice infact

...Where's she going with the rock?

Marcus (Guest):
she's gonna go look for a boat and smash it. Probably.

Maybe it's just me, but Melody eyes seem a little... odd. Like she's been gobsmacked by the egg.

-_- this winged girl is very hard to read...

Mike (Guest):
....Am I the only one who heard Gir's voice in their head when Melody said "I'll name you Salami"?

Summoner (Guest):
Without a doubt.

Parry (Guest):
I agree with Nonesocoldasi... I think she has been hypnotized by the bird girl.
@ Mike: I heard it too...

KenderBryant (Guest):
@Nonesocoldasi & Parry: It's the siren song. It entrances those who hear it. They have to go to the source, even if it means their death. Just like in Jason and the Argonauts (the original stories, not the movies). Orpheus saves the Argonauts by singing to counter the siren song.

There's also the story of how Odysseus and his crew were able to get past the sirens due to them having Odysseus tied to the main mast of the ship, while the others had wax sealing their ears. They knew it was safe to take the wax out when Odysseus stopped freaking out and trying to fight the restraints to get to the sirens.

Isaac (Guest):
maybe she wants her to take care of salami while she moves a big rock

beyond (Guest):
death-grip toes!
...and melody has sausage issues...

above comment made me giggle x]
This comic is genius. And she looks like she's having a bit of trouble carrying that rock ^^;

aqua (Guest):
actually it looks like she is having a very easy time moving that rock. i would think that to be hard to do with wings.

My first thought was that the siren was gonna drop the rock on the house.
But then I was like, that seems like a waste of effort, to build a house as a lure and then just smash it.
But then I was like, she's a bird.
Birds are good at buildings nests like that. Especially out of junk. Junk they collect from destroyed ships.
Ships destroyed by big rocks.

I got lost along the way, but there's my thought process XD

"Moth! Look at Salami!"
That made me laugh out loud. Thank you.