Hazards of the Southern Coast 14

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The real #100!
You may now toss the confetti and ducks.


*tosses confetti and ducks*

That's the greatest house ever.

Jazeki (Guest):
The more I read, the more I enjoy this siren. A lot.

Quack! Ay, that duck bit me! I'll just throw confetti from now on.

Mike (Guest):
I'm hoping there's an underground lair in that house.....Looks mighty small for the two of 'em
Also, hope you guys don't mind me linking you guys as I post on other comics. I want more people to read this gem :)

Oh god, a nest? Wonder if baby sirens are meat eaters...

Jo (Guest):
aww. I love the siren

XD distract the bird person, tranquilize the comrade with friendly fire and drag her out. Sounds like a plan.

It seems the two of them are making this a lot more serous than it looks... maybe she's a man-eater omnivore, cause she was eating pear a few pages ago...

hobbit feet (Guest):
I'm wondering about that rock with the rope on the ground. Maybe the Coo-coo bird will make Melody strap it on then jump off the cliff.
Congrats on 100! Ducks! Confetti! Quack!

Solar (Guest):
Knowing Melody, I seriously doubt she really needs saving. She doesn't look like she's affected by the song like the others seem to fear.
Anyway, the bird girl is coo! erm.. cool! :P

*throws loyal sausage*