Hazards of the Southern Coast 13

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Sorry the page was a little late. I stayed up too late reading old One Piece and had an epic battle with my alarm clock this afternoon.


We've run into some delays and the comic will be up late Sunday or early monday hopefully.

Sorry for the wait.

Mike (Guest):

Whip the Rabbit:
Those things are bad, right?

Yep Sirens are VERY VERY bad they like to more or less kill any one they come across and use there voice and song's to entrance the victim(s). In Greek mythology they would entrance sailors to jump over board where they drowned or was ripped apart on the reefs the Sirens lived on. So yes she is quite frankly walking along to her death song.

Sir_Kay (Guest):
Sirens, they sing songs so alluring, anyone hearing them would be led to their death...

5 bucks says Melody is somehow immune, and just being silly.

A siren, didnt see that one coming, too many interpretations on what they are supposed to look like.....

OT: One Piece = Win

I'll bet she's not affected and just thinks it wants to be her friend.

XD SAVE ME FROM THE BUG?! SAVE? that's just hilarious.

does sirens mean something bad? The bird-person is smiling, and it gives me the idea she might be thinking something... not good.

^In Greek Myths, like Gnigma said, Sirens use their voices to sing and attract sailors. Then they eat them.

And judging by the concern from their faces and the fact their covering their ears, it probably does something similar.

beToiba (Guest):
Wish I could sing a chord like the siren in panel 3. That's so awesome! 8D

Hope she's not really an evil siren.

Uh oh, that look she shot in the last page, and now the luring song, are we sure that the Siren plans on eating Melody, and that maybe she thinks she just snagged a really, really pretty boy to take home?

ark9885 (Guest):
she justĀ“s want a slave for her hands.
if not how they make things like her top or almost everything

Fang Shinobi:
Lol Melody's so damn cute.

M-S-S (Guest):
I knew I didn't like that smile for a reason! Evil! EVIL!

I'm sorry... my eyes are glued to the bird person's boobs... i think i have a avion-human fetish...

Miera Sheighani (Guest):
forgive me here, but in the last page I just thought the Siren wanted a friend XD and my first thought WAS just that Melody was being a normal goof and acting like a bird XD