Hazards of the Southern Coast 11

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One of the things I hate about inking is the feeling of doing everything twice, so I'm seeing if refined sketches can work as lines instead.

Also, this isn't really #100. There's some non-story pages in the archive that are padding it out. It's more like #96 or so.


The year 2000 was not technically the millennium either but hey it says #100 on there! *sends out streamers*

happy 100th comic in total



This can only end up three ways in my mind
A: New friend that'll travel with them
B: Disappears and completely forgotten
C: Get a new piercing via bird beak

Whip the Rabbit:
Birdperson > Pears.
That last panel was awesome. Though that flip was a bit high, considering how quickly they'd have to flap in order to gain that much height because intertia-*shot*

Harpies(or harpy-like-things) exist in this world? o:

Mike (Guest):
What a coincidence, I ALSO eat pears that way :3

i was like, what in the hell? and then i was like, whoa... harpy people O.O

I could see a birdman going flying (sorry) in a collision - most likely they are very light build, even hollow bones etc like birds, compared to similar sized ground-dwellers.

At least Melody has dislodged the bug now...


Mike (Guest):
Nah, she pissed it off now by bonking it into a harpy person. Now it'll just live on her head :P

Innocence (Guest):
Bird person is like waaaaaa! What hit me X-X

super big mac:
That birdbrained little girl ran right into this lady hawk! It ap-pears like it might be an accident; although something's bugging me...

I totally agree with you regarding inking. Doing stuff twice is annoying. This refined sketch style is really pretty though!

Just read your comic start to present. Very nice can't wait to see more! :D