Hazards of the Southern Coast 10

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I wish I could be as care-free as "Ava" (and maybe just as good at drawing)

Decloak (Guest):
Cute Decoys.

"Cute decoys"

...oh god, more people to ship with Moth.

I like Ava! :D She's adorable with her sketching!

AVA IS SO CUTE. I WANT HER. I want a toy of her.

dirty socks (Guest):
Ava needs a harness thing to keep her drawing board propped in front of her so she can dual-wield her pencils!

As soon as she's done.
Which is now... XDDDD i love you're manga!

"What if their plan was to lead us away from the ship?"

"it worked..."

Mike (Guest):

Also, not to be nit-picky, but the first panel Ava is in, the first "SKETCH" has a K at the end instead of an H.

Just read your whole archive and lovinng this comic! ^^ can't wait for more!

Ava needs to join Melody's crew just for the comic effect. On every page, there would be at least one panel of SKETCH SKETCH SKETCH SKETCH

Razer (Guest):
Is that a sword Neiren has? If it is I don't want to be insulting, but it looks like the top part of an anchor. Which would be really cool because those things are heavy as heck and that would mean she's awesomely strong. Love the comic. :)

super big mac:
The use of a letter at the end of a word that, in conjunction with a repetition of said word, changes the first word so that the second is more like a continuation of the first, instead of it's own word. "Sketck Sketch" Just shows that there was a slight pause between two lines that were either rigt next to each other, or attached, such as a corner that was less tan perfect.

... I'm not just speaking out my ass here, people. I actually LOVE critique work, and that's one reason why I'm trying to land a job as a game tester.

... Although, since not many people are as intense of a habitual critic as I, it is quite understandable that the author of this exemplary comic didn't even know it.

@super big mac
It's totally a typo ^^;
K and H are similar to write, so my brain didn't even register that I wrote the wrong one.

super big mac:
Yeah, duh. I'm a brainiac on the web, so what do you think I'm gonna do? I was tryin' to save your face, y'know. ;P I knew it was a typo, but it also COULD have been as I had said. It's no different than when someone is gasping for breath and says "There's a big fif- fish, over there, eating the townspeople!" I know many people who might speak like that if they start talking rapidly, or while out of breath.