Hazards of the Southern Coast 8

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We're working on a forum which might be ready in a week or two. There also may not be an update this wednesday. We still haven't made it an official update day yet.


Joey (Guest):
That is a BIG bug....
And Moth looks so not amused in that last panel. XD
Awesome update as always!

That bug's face.

: |

That isn't the bug's face...

i'm kicking myself for over thinking, what she was gonna do with the bug, but it's amazing how nature just finds it's way to screw up her life in the most obvious but distracting ways.

I love you're comic. It's really, truly amazing XD

It is the bug's face. :|

Mike (Guest):
Have you guys thought of joining a couple voting sites, like say TopWebcomics or ComicHovel? Might get you some more views :)

Stop being such a wuss Melody! I don't see any blood, so it's most likely not trying to hurt you :P

@uberlentil & Shard:

I've had too long a week, thought you were talking about the last panel and not the first XD

Big Cheese:
Future merchandising idea: computer mouse made to look like that BUG. Imagine having that bored / shocked face looking at you.
Love the idiot standing in the front of the boat. Pirates just have to sing!

Happy Kitty (Guest):
(•)_(•) lol tea's face is funny when she got scared.

ZerkLaw (Guest):
Melody is a Kamen Rider

...wow deja vu...

Frances the Talking Mule (Guest):
brain-eating bug drills into melody's skull...searching...searching...nothing there. bug flies away disappointed.

@Frances: I was going to make a reference to Troy Mclure but that was Gladys the Groovy Mule. Frances was what they were parodying.