Hazards of the Southern Coast 7

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We spent upwards of an hour talking about all the possible variations of dialogue for that last panel. It was aggravating and extremely fun at the same time.

You'd be surprised how much thought can go into trying to make things not sound clunky while providing the info we want to, and and being happy even if we hold some info back for later.

bendluck (Guest):
I sense Melody's gonna do something stupid.
Really great comic that you have here, had me hooked from the beginning.
(Also- First!!!)=)


Kay-nyan (Guest):
There's other kinds of maidens, besides post maidens? Awesome.

I would like to return to a thought from a while ago and suggest that you drop this storyline and just make the entire strip about maidens. They're seriously that cool.

Mike (Guest):

you storyline simple cute ...i enjoy reading themXD
@kay-nyan:i think everyone have their own mind in story..your suggestion somewhow rude ..ask for adaption to merge in story better than ask peope to drop the storyline..btwn too much maiden kind of story..just my opinion:/

Kay-nyan (Guest):
@shinji: if i believed there was a snowball's chance in hell that it'd actually happen, i might watch my words a little more carefully. As it stands, it's just hyperbole.

Wonder what the male versions are called. Maybe butlers?

Goddesses have maidens, so presumably Gods have male followers (Heroes perhaps, though Butlers would be cool (or, of course, Valets, thinking of Jeeves)).

Surely Map Maidens would also be found in the company of parties of adventurers (remembering old times playing D&D here...).

Love the texture and shading in the first panel, and carried nicely over the rest of the strip. Very pretty!

Oohh... Just noticed the new banner, with the Pirate Princess looking like she is joining the cast...

grand poobah (Guest):
In the last one, uberlentil SAID things shown in the banner weren't necessarily going to happen.
I like the different tree bark textures. Also the BUG Melody's fascinated with.

@ mike, i actually got a feeling she might do something like that.

but i think this is great!

Rigugonkai (Guest):
Beetle: crud not again.

Fazzey (Guest):
Is it just me, or is the map maiden ambidextrous? She seems to be drawing with both hands...That is a skill I would love to have.

Big Cheese:
That's the power of a Maiden!

Pulse (Guest):
You guys are awesome, and this comic is awesome. Keep being awesome.

Miera Sheighani (Guest):
well, that explains her skill and calm demeanor nicely XD