Hazards of the Southern Coast 6

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I had to go back to #36 to remember what Tea's backpack looked like, and noticed the ship has gotten so off-model it's painful.
These recent pages seem a little too contrasty too. Will work on that.

We also have a new banner! It would be a bad idea to take anything in the banners as canon. My creation process for them is basically: Come up with something that fits in the size constraints, then mess around to make it look cool.


Yarg! Boys, tomorrow we be stealin' a jar o' dirt!

Whip the Rabbit:
Jeez, for some reason I imagine her saying that with a vicious temper. She doesn't like pirates apparently.

Mike (Guest):
@Whip would you like pirates if they shot at you?

Dwight (Guest):
Comparing the ship between the last few pages and #36, I don't see a lot of difference :p (but then again, I'm not an artist :))

just read the whole comic from start to finish. amazing, can't wait for the next

Striffen Cloud:
I like the new banner and everything, but is that a spoiler I see?

I thought so as well