Hazards of the Southern Coast 5

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damn, she's really good at sketching

Striffen Cloud:
It's wednesday. I thought this updated on sundays. OH WELL I'M HAPPY.

We're working on upgrading to two updates a week. It's coming in fits and starts.

Balance (Guest):
Did they just mistake melody as a man cus she don't got ponytails now?

Sir Bacon:
Redhead? I thought she's supposed to be blonde.

Jazeki (Guest):
I like how redhead is suddenly a new sex.


It may be possible that they weren't sure Melody was a man/woman.

Pirate sketch artists are like police sketch artists but they steal your money.

habbayabba (Guest):
Princess wants to add a Moth to her collection!

What I'm thinking is they thought Melody was a man and they just couldn't figure out the sex for moth XD ahaha

Miera Sheighani (Guest):

yeah, I doubt they see guys in braids very often XD

i think his braid was drawn too long... o_0 I like how the sketcher's just all happy and calm XD