Hazards of the Southern Coast 4

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I wanted her upper body to be shadowed in the middle panel, but it turned out looking more like someone dumped a bucket of soot over her head.

Edit: No comic Sunday 12.


Nibbles (Guest):
It's Tetra's sister, Penta!

Balance (Guest):
Actualy the shadowing is perfect giving her the right amount of menace and foreboding.

Guido (Guest):
The princess is in another forecastle.

Mike (Guest):
I recognize that princess.....she was on Cumin'd blog :)

well, now that you mentioned it, yeah it does look like that.


i honestly thought she was gonna be a super mean, buff captain but turns out to be a princess. did not see the soot before you said it, i think it's good

Isaac (Guest):
so who thought that was a man at 1st? lol