Hazards of the Southern Coast 3

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Switching to more manga-y style for a bit. Color doesn't really add a lot for the amount of work it takes.


I'll be at Akon in Dallas next week, though just as a regular convention goer. If anyone was interested I'll end up around the webcomic panels at some point. Maybe I need some sort of button.

They should so have a cannon for Melody to
"practice" levitation on.

...I just realized he's trying to use the bottle as a telescope and trying to drink from the telescope.

Nice touch.

Sir Bacon:
Idiots who have nothing to fear on the high seas but the high seas, that's what kind.

Manly men can drink with their eyes and see through their mouths

gone insane (Guest):
I like this look for the comic. Also the properly drunk pirates! Uberlentil yay!