Hazards of the Southern Coast 1

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A new chapter!
We've got lots of fun stuff planned.

Remember to check Wednesdays too, although they'll probably tend to go up later in the day rather than at midnight.


Luciola (Guest):
:O *Has breakfast with Tea*

Martin Rudat (Guest):
I presume the point of a float tube is to first get that cork up to the red line, and then to keep it there? ...how many flew overboard? =)

@Martin Rudat
considering her previous clumsniess i would have to say... probabbly... a couple hundred or so... but she was pretty fast to catch on to the magic thing... it's hard to tell LOL

Today's forcast is sunny with a high chance of raining corks.

Aww, poor Tea. Melody is unintentionally stealing her love interest...

Mike (Guest):
Hmmm.....I wonder what kind of cereal they eat in this world? Goaty's? Owl-O's? Post Maiden Crunch?

....I'll stop now.

On a side note, you guys should have a Winter Melody Facebook page, so people can get updates from there :)

imachrismoose (Guest):
Wow, I'd love to see a drawing of just the boat from different angels. I think I might want to build one like it!

I love the style of this comic so much. You guys are truly amazing. Good job! :D

Oh, breakfast sounds good at the moment. =o= *hasn't eaten yet*

sevenfivel (Guest):
@Shard: Whose love interest? Granted Melody may not be interested in Moth, but she found him first. Frankly, if I were Moth I'd be a bit annoyed with Tea, but it does make her an interesting character. :-)

TimK (Guest):
Love the subtle lighting and shade over the top half of the page. I'm a huge fan of B&W pencil but you are winning me over with the new-fangled colour stuff.

Miera Sheighani (Guest):
I love how they sleep in the sides of the boat :3 handy, out of the way, and would make great storage space as well XD in fact, if I was there, mine would probably be cluttered if not completely FILLED with crap XD probably end up sleeping on the books and curling around to avoid knocking over pens paper and pencils *draws* lmao

Tetravarium (Guest):
Is it me, or does that float tube look dangerously close to... a water bong?