Departure From Seafall 13

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I really love how this page came out. The coloring is gorgeous and I enjoy how the paneling works out. In the planning stages I wasn't sure if this block of story would work best as half a page to anywhere to two pages, but think the end result is about right.

This page probably shows how Winter Melody the animated series will look :)



Melody looks like a guy now.

*points at her general chest area*
She's not that flat, cut the poor girl a break. :P

That was one problem with the haircut. The braids were the only thing keeping her female-looking, so now I have to give her breasts... Which are a lot easier to draw than braids, so I'm not complaining.

Mike (Guest):
I think there'd be no doubt Melody was female if she had a chest the size of Tea's.......but I don't think it'd fit her personality-wise anyway.


Antonious (Guest):
She looks like CLoud from FF7

Whip the Rabbit:
On another note, what's this about an animated series? 8D

There isn't an animated series. Cumin's just dreaming.

but she could have saved about two links on each braid... why cut them competely off?

i just like how you draw her so manly looked..awesome!:P

Mouse (Guest):
Just found your comic and I gotta say it looks very entertaining and adorable so far! Really looking forward to updates. C:

casserole (Guest):
Melody looks fine. Plenty of women have short hair and have an average bust measurement. I'm glad to see a normal looking female character in a manga instead of the beyond-human-proportion ones that are so popular with teenage boys. This manga seems to have some thought behind it and doesn't rely on sexuality to get readers (or lookers?). Now having said that, don't go and pull a Nami and say Melody's a growing girl!!
Keep up the great work!

Miera Sheighani (Guest):
I agree with casserole (: nice to have someone that's not trying to use their body to get what they want or just stun opponents...take that however you want...or just in overall rantness be slutty -_- okay, rant done, if that even qualified as a rant XD