Departure From Seafall 12

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Blah, lateness as well as non-color and non-pencil.


Mike (Guest):
Flashbacks make me sleepy too Melody :)

Aww, little Melody is so adorable when she sleeps~

Has it taken her years to get to three lengths? Or did she lose her braids again somehow?

She did lose them to other accidents later. Those scenes turned out to be too spoilery so we'll get back to them in the future.

lightning-kyria (Guest):
I love this page! Melody is so cute as a little kid! I love every panel, especially the revenge on the goat. :D

casserole (Guest):
I don't want to ever fish for that kind of salmon! It looks like they might eat the bears. Mom's braids are useful in that panel.

Ray (Guest):
This comic has been really cute so far... keep up the good work! ^_^

Marcus (Guest):
Haha, Serious Salmon

Jack (Guest):
Can anyone tell me the name of the webcomic they used to link to in the ads? I forgot it.


Do you mean a webcomic that advertised on our site in that box below the comic? A lot of different ads pass through that box and it's unlikely I could nail a specific one down. If it was advertising with us though likely you'll see the ad somewhere again eventually.

Jack (Guest):
Nevermind, it was called "two kinds."

Zai Nightfall:
You know, the simplicity of your story makes it brilliant :3

Miera Sheighani (Guest):
Melody's bangs changed direction again.... XD