Departure From Seafall 11

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Blah, oversaturated colors. I'm not used to this yet.
Pencil wasn't giving the mood I wanted though. We'll see how long it lasts.


I just love adding Tea to the flashback and her protest.

I also love what is obviously some unreliable...or really naive narrator elements. I'm sure that's what lots of kids were told, their dad was interested because their mom's hair looked like sausages <nod nod>

RL logistics with the Easter Sunday weekend have slowed down work so unfortunately this week we're going to be a little late. We aren't skipping the week but may have to wait till the end of the weekend to get it finished up.

Poor Melody. She just can't win.

Mike (Guest):
I'm pretty sure I'd have the same reaction as Tea.

GoatGirl (Guest):
Beautiful! Little Tea is uber-cute! Mom is lucky Dad didn't dream of sausage and eat a braid one night. Awesomeness UberLentil!

Nuclear Rock:
Lol her mom's name is Celery? XD

I love the names in this comic.

a goat ... :)

-_- ... i feel so bad for the kid...hehehe

Dwight (Guest):
Hilariously awesome xD

Fang Shinobi:
Lol so adorable.