Departure From Seafall 10 (real)

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Flashback time!


damn! it's like a cliff hanger...but it's even before the flashback starts!

I want moooooooooore!

by the way i love this manga, it's actually my first one that read when i got to smackjeeves. it's great. keep it up

I knew she would lose her braid! I even posted that she should be symmetrical :D

...I really shouldn't be this pleased, should I?

Whip the Rabbit:
I hope she doesn't lose the braids. Then she'll look like Cloud. >>

Jazeki (Guest):
Can't wait to hear backstory.

onionstalk (Guest):
Is that the first time we've seen Melody's ears? It's shocking because I felt they'd be pointy. I hope her braids get healed somehow.