Departure From Seafall 9

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The candle is supposed to be sputtering and smoldering, for those who find Moth's implication that this is an un-boost confusing.


This page is a classic example of the fight between simple prose and the use of space in a comic.

I had some technical dialogue lined up to give some explanations as to the nature of the candle etc, but the space wasn't there for it and trying to shove it in anyway would make for a bad flow. Technorambling will have to be pushed a lil further into the story.

all magic stuff go crazy whemn she touch it rigth ?
Love your comic, its funny and the people are attachable (good word ?).

Martin Rudat (Guest):
Aww. Poor Melody's hair. Time for a second bandage?

Is that a lethal maze, or is it possible to fail without death?

Mike (Guest):
You know, you guys really need to have a proper way for people to contact you. I've got ideas but I don't like posting them as comments to the comic itself :)

in other news: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

A shift in hosting led to a gutting of email and we never took the time to restore it, but the fans speak. I'm working on getting us set up through google apps which will take a couple days for a verification, but soon enough should have a domain style email address.

*edit* We're live at uberlentil is going to put it on the site when the chance opens

Pithy (Guest):
Love the shocked face! Don't overexplain things, your art says it all. I'm glad Summer made it through in one piece!

Jazeki (Guest):
Oh, no! Now the other braid is injured. XD

Nuclear Rock:
Haircut time 8D

Pithy (Guest):
Oops...not Summer. Ember! She looks like a Summer kind of girl :-)

Don't worry about explaining everything at once. A little goes a long way and the flow of dialogue on this page is excellent! It leaves me wanting to see the next page even more than usual! And wow, haha, I wonder what Melody's hair is going to look like by the time this is over! XD This is definitely going on my "Favorite Pages Ever" list!

Fang Shinobi:
No! Not the other braid!!! Now at least they're symmetrical.

Miera Sheighani (Guest):
I like how Melody's more freaked out by her braid than the 20 XD