Departure From Seafall 7

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The olive reveals its true form!



And so are lentils.

Jazeki (Guest):
Mmmm ham soup.

Mike (Guest):
at least she doesn't have to eat German food *shudders*

Mike (Guest):
Oh! and just so you guys know, there's free adspace available on The Space Between's site( The link for what to do to get there is at the bottom left of the page. Might get ya some new viewers :)

Thanks Mike, I'm checking it out right now. Free advertising is always good ^^

Martin Rudat (Guest):
I've got to wonder if Melody is just a really strange human, or something merely human-shaped, like the post maidens seem to be.

casserole (Guest):
do goats wear goatshoes like horses wear horseshoes? I guess the olive is a sleeping bag.

Mike (Guest):
Holy crap......I guess me sponsoring you guys on webcomic's list was a good thing. You guys went up in rank over 5 thousand in just a few weeks :)

Webcomiclist's ranking system is peculiar and I have seen it have extreme shifts like this before. According to their FAQ the ranking is based on visits per update but has the caveat:

"Certain other things are taken into consideration when doing comic rankings but we would prefer to keep those secret."

I suspect from seeing rank shifts on our site and others these secret considerations are random promotion of mid and low card comics to give them a chance to have exposure and/or subjective tinkering on the part of the webcomiclist operators :P That might mean a boost if you sponser them as well, thank you again for that Mike :)

The high ranking is really nice but don't be surprised if it shoots back into the mid thousands again.

"or cumin!"
I see what you did there...

Dwight (Guest):
I love your comic, it's hilarious, exciting and adventurous all in one, with the right balance. The art is awesome too, whether it's in pencil or vectorized, it looks great ^^. Looking forward to more pages =D! (Please don't ever disappear without letting people know why like so many other comickers :))