Departure From Seafall 6

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I know it looks bad.. Instead of suddenly switching art styles I thought I'd transition this time.
The next page will either be old style pencil or ink done in a pencilly way - something non-computer anyway.

As a side note, Melody is not holding a giant olive in the last panel.


I like pencil! It's very awesome. I love Tea's last words on this page... XD

That is the greatest giant olive ever.

Seems like someone has a crush on Moth. STRANGE NAME COUPLE WHOO

Mike (Guest):
I love how his pipe is floating in front of his face as he laughs in the first panel :)

Fang Shinobi:
I love the floating pipe too lol. And I don't mind if the style changes a lot lol.

That guy (Guest):
Style changes work. Like when it was kinda softer during the monologue, you could maybe use quicktime to post a background clip for music you'd think would work for that scene.... maybe...

Floating pipe + giant olive = win.
Tea... wow... just wow...

Jazeki (Guest):
Moth should be more excited to spend time with two ladies.

casserole (Guest):
uberlentil says it's NOT a giant olive but it's funny that it seems natural for Melody to be carrying a giant olive. I wonder what the pole-things are in the cabinet. And about a beginner's set.
Love this comic!

I can't really imagine Melody holding anything that wasn't a giant olive, really :D

Miera Sheighani (Guest):
love the old man XD especially the floating pipe, because he's just that magically awesome...LOOOOOOOVE the grade comment from the Headmaster~ =^.^= and if it's not an olive, what the heck is it? and if she needs to learn the basics, after almost dying in the maze...WTH KINDA SCHOOL IS DAT??? XD especially the spare blade, ohmygosh lmao