Departure From Seafall 5

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This scene is bugging me cause there's no good backgrounds. I even planned out the headmaster's office to work out the stuff that would be in it (yes, I *should* do that kind of thing all the time), but so far all that's been shown is a table and some pictures.

Drawing stone walls might be a little too distracting, so I'm just filling in with tones to make people and bubbles show up.


Perhaps he could have a few trinkets? Similar to how Dumbledore has those odd things scattered around his office. He is the headmaster of a magic... uh... school, after all. Maybe a little vial of something or another. If memory serves, you said you didn't want generic magic things, but it might help.

Jazeki (Guest):
I really like the Headmaster.

lightning-kyria (Guest):
Honestly, I don't think the simple backgrounds are that bad. It really lets you focus in on the characters and not be distracted or overwhelmed by little things in the room. However, anything you do is excellent so I wouldn't worry about it too much.

she wrapped her braid xDDDD

Zorlond (Guest):
Well, at least the bandage will keep her from looking lop-sided... : /

It never hurts to be optimistic.

She should tape the other side so she's symmetrical :D

Just the fact that you went to the trouble to plan out what would be in the headmaster's office shows how dedicated you are to the details. We can see your love for this comic, and it makes us love it too!

And another fantastic page! Your work is so gorgeous, uberlentil! And Melody is the cutest thing. I can't wait for more!

Aw, I love Melody!

IvoryEgg (Guest):
Ahh, he has great eyebrows.

Faladin (Guest):
Big bushy eyebrows!

Fang Shinobi:
Lol Melody, so cute. But won't it better to cut if off for a new do? Lol.

Incredible art! Maybe Melody's hair really is alive. She's a nutty enough character.

Suechan (Guest):
I don't think you really NEED to have a background - once you establish a little of where they are (like you did with the frames and in the last comic), that gives enough air of atmosphere to carry to all the panels. Too many other non-important details would detract from the awesome character details