Departure From Seafall 4

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I think old faces, like wood, are best done in pencil. I'm sure none of them will complain about their mysteriously smooth skin though.


A few recent comments havew brought it up so I'll let you know the two of us are working on increasing our post rate to 2 a week. This isn't something we want to leap into unprepared, though. It would be a far greater sin to constantly miss updates at two a week than maintain our current level.

We'll make sure we both have the time to maintain double our current level of output and in the process we'll end up with a bit of a buffer. Can't give any dates or guarantees but it is in the works.

But they WILL be.

The ships are setting sail, it seems :P

I like those news. 8D

And now we wait for the chaos to begin. ...Again. XD

IvoryEgg (Guest):
More than one update? Yay!

Mike (Guest):
If I may make a few suggestions. When you start updating more than once a week(I assume it's a matter of when, not if), I'd say go for a Wed/Sun update schedule. Also, there are some cheap(some are free) adspaces for Project Wonderful that you could exploit for more viewers. I suggest Ginger's Bread, The Space Between, Single Dad Diaries, Indietits, and Inside Out. Some of those only have a few hundred viewers, but hey, free adspace is free adspace. Keep up the good work you two!

Thanks for the ideas Mike. ^^

Project Wonderful has been very nice. I've had some good success with some sites there and mediocre results with others. It's become my main source of discovering other webcomics when I look for potential adspace. I haven't seen any of the ones you listed though. Thanks for the references :)

Her braid has a cast on. XDDD

Mike (Guest):
Also, I sponsored your comic on Webcomic List's site. :P

Awesome ^_^ Thank you again, Mike. I appreciate all the help.

instant tea (Guest):
If Lime was girl-crazy, Tea's boy-crazy. She latches onto cute guys.

. A .
Alright. This is really hard to say because I love all the characters in this comic so much... Even the one-time extras, but...
I think Moth is my favorite :3

Miera Sheighani (Guest):
so THAT'S who the older guy was in the uninhabited restaurant XD

just realized: Melody's bangs look like they're parted the opposite way than before o_0 am I wrong...?

They bandaged her hair?!

Wha ha ha ha ha ha ha! That's so awesome!