Departure From Seafall 3

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Tea needs to calm down her imagination sequences. That's only something she's done twenty times before.

In the initial sketch it was a full mushroom cloud nuke before I calmed it down :P

Jack Tires (Guest):
How do you pronounce Tea's name?

I first thought it was "tea" like the drink, but now I'm thinking it might be "tee-ah."

Which is it?

Exactly like the drink, not like with Japanese pronunciation or anything.

lol. Her braid is wrapped in bandaging.

Oberon (Guest):
Aaaw, I'm a fan of the mushroom cloud explosion.

Get there BEFORE Melody messes something up? Don't be silly, Tea, that would never happen.

Does her braid... have NERVES? Or VEINS?
@BluSlvrWolf: Yeah, I know. I just wondered why they would bandage HAIR and not just hack it off. :)

...Great. I'm addicted to this comic now. WHY WON'T YOU UPDATE MORE THAN SUNDAYS?!! T_T

BluSlvrWolf (Guest):
@werekitty13: if you look back a few pages, you will see that her braid was singed,that's why they wrapped it

sesshomaru sama (Guest):
could you PLEASE make them more then once a week! please? this comic is so amazing!

Ravenblood (Guest):
I too would like to see it more than once a week, but I would hate to see the quality decrease or have the creator get himself stressed out. Seen webcomics fold within the last 10 comics before they were planned to end because of that before ><