Departure From Seafall 2

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Think Tea's hair might be too shiny. It'll probably change while I work out what looks best with this new way.


So you're sticking with this method?

Jazeki (Guest):
I've never even heard of trustworthy sausage. XD

It has a nice level of sketchiness and range of values, so it's very likely, but it's also true I get bored doing things the same way all the time...

lol sausage

Fang Shinobi:
The shine is okay by me, actually. And lol at the sausage.

Zorlond (Guest):
Tea's hair is just fine. Me, I'm still wondering about the 'trustworthy sausage' thing. : /

Tea is remembering what Melody said during their first meeting and the page after.

Finally I caught up. And I got to say this is a great comic.

Keep it up.

Miera Sheighani (Guest):
KEEP the hair, I say ^^ uber-shiny/healthy hair's always good :D and yeah, was gonna say, it's what Melody called her sausage when she was accusing it of betraying her when she got hit with it XD