Departure From Seafall 1

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A new chapter, and I no longer have to draw the evil maze!!
This one's a little rough, but I like something about it, and it's much faster than the previous pages. Restricting myself to just white, light, dark, and black helps too.

Also we have a new banner!
Full version at


Meat aroma makes for good advertising ^^

I'd get the meat anyway.

Fang Shinobi:
This page looks pretty cool. Seems different from previous pages in a good way. ^^,

Must... restrain...

This speaks so well of my morning. I already had a huge bowl of cereal, then I see my favorite yogurt. DARNIT!

I didn't think I would, but I really like your new digital pages. They still have the same soul as the pencil ones :)


I'm happy to hear coconutkittycat. :)

I was a lil worried of the reaction moving away from the original pencil style. Uberlentil's wrist has to come before crosshatching all that wood by hand, of course. Working to keep the same spirit is important and I'm happy to hear others feel it's still there.

(And uberlentil informs me it was merely 'hatching' and crosshatching would need another set of lines the other direction, shows what I know on the art side)

luciola (Guest):
Munchy Meat :D

I love the old pencil wood-hatching but I think the digital version looks just as nice :D

Argh, the tasty smell of tasty meat! I'd forget what I was doing too :3