The Maze of Doom 12

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Several changes this week. First, "The Journey South" ended up covering little of what we originally planned it to, so it's been split into three shorter chapters.

Second, Since we now have a fanart page, the existing fanart has been moved there. We also have NEW fanart! Go check it out ^^

Third, "The Two Princes" story has been moved to Cumin's blog . Future stories will be appearing there.


Don't want to have my random attempts at prose to dilute the comic's flow so the lil blog helps for anyone who's interested.

I'm going to add a longer story in parts over the course of the coming week with the first bit on Monday. (Some RL has come up so there will be delays) I'll note here when each one is up or you can just check out the depot for it.

Oh man, I can't get over your skills, guys! Awesome story, Awesome art, and an Awesome comic! And that's Awesome with a capital A!!
Just the way their clothes are shaded to look wet, the blurred background, the water! The amount of detail in this is incredible! Haha, and Melody's response is perfect! I laughed so hard.
It's good you have a fanart section now cuz expect some from me soon!

Thank you salis :)

We'll look forward to it ^_^