The Maze of Doom 8

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We're taking a break for the rest of the month since everything's all Christmasy. There may or may not be a special pic on Christmas day, and the the comic will resume on January 1 (maybe at a faster pace if I can get ahead!)
We might be doing some re-chaptering at some point too. Things didn't work out as planned and this one would've been better as "Seafall and the Crazy Maze" or something.

Have a nice break!


Without an artist for the month I'll need to try to fill the space somehow. I'll add a few things in here as part of the break period.

Jadester (Guest):
Enjoy your Christmas break, everyone!!! <3

Another awesome page, guys! Such a fantastic comic. The details in every panel is just amazing! And I can't wait to see what situation Melody gets herself into next! (Save her, Moth!)

And Happy Holidays! Take your time and enjoy them.

Oooh, fire. Enjoy the holiday break!

AMAZING comic you have here.

Thank you Amante ^_^ We're doing our best.

Trying to fill the space? I could do fanart if you want. I will, in fact... pm me if you want it.

Enjoy your break :D

Whaaaa.. just when I was becoming eager for more.

Miera Sheighani (Guest):
the hypno-post's all p.o.'ed at moth for covering it's eye XD niiiiiice~ ^^ I am entertaining the idea of starting a webcomic too, since I have found quite a few that I like and others seem to enjoy...

but I have no way to do it digitally and was wondering if you had some general tips you were willing to part with? I would be doing it all freehand with pencils and whatnot, like what this looks kinda like...